Alex Perelson Interview

Vertprinsen Alex Perelson vandt rampedelen af årets Maloof Money Cup. Ud over æren fik han 75.000 dollars og et interview med 


Billeder fra Cph Pro: Adam – resten er taget af Påske. 



Alex Perelson har 18 somre på samvittigheden, heraf  10 på skateboard og syv af dem på rampe. Med et overbevisende svæv, stort trick-arsenal og en 900 hev han årets Maloof-sejr i hus foran typer som PLG, Bob Burnquist, Andy Mac og Bucky Lasek. Udendørsbillederne i artiklen er taget af Påske i Encinitas YMCA Skatepark i Staterne.

First contest you entered?

Street contest at the Mission Valley YMCA skatepark 

Can you explain the feeling of doing a 900?

Once you get the spin, it’s just about staying on your board, it’s scary but fun.  

Do you skate any other terrain than vert?

Yeah, I like to skate everything. 

Are you a quick trick-learner?

Neal Hendrix says yeah.

Congratulations on the Maloof first place. What are you going to spend the 75.000 dollars on?

 I’m going to save it.   

Did you think you would win?

No, not really.  

How did you feel, when it was announced?

Surprised - it was my first pro win.  

Are you going to turn into a rock/rap/gang-star overnight because of the win?


Which young vert skaters should we keep an eye on in the coming years?

Rob Lorifice, Sam Beckett, Zach Miller, Josh Stafford. 

Why are you skating vert?

I like it.  

Top 3 vert skaters?

Rune Glifberg, Danny Way, Bob Burnquist.  

Top 3 street guys?

Dennis Busenitz, Grant Taylor, Heath Kirchart.  

Who has the best style on vert?


Why Rune?

Rune is smooth and looks natural when he skates. 

And in the streets?



Same as Rune, he's smooth and looks natural, and skates fast. 

What are your favourite tricks to do?

Backside smith grinds, frontside ollies, 5050 reverts. I like the way they feel. 

Plans for the future?

Try to skate and travel more, and go to school.